Lock Platform user guide

The lock platform (https://bulklock.web.app/) has the following functions:

  • Automation of the use of tokens for participation in Telegram tiers
  • Distribution of the pre-sale tokens through a smart contract
  • Combining locked presale tokens with tokens from the secondary market to enter the tiers
  • Anti-dump by locking tokens from the secondary market

User guide

  1. Locked tokens — presale tokens under vesting (not yet unlocked) + unlocked not claimed presale tokens (3) + tokens requested to unlock (7) + tokens locked by user (8). The sum of the locked tokens determines your tier.

2. Possible to lock — tokens on user’s wallet that he can lock. E.g. tokens bought on the secondary market, claimed presale tokens.

3. Window that allows you to lock (2) Possible to lock tokens. After locking tokens, they will appear under (8) Possible to unlock and add up to the total of your (1) Locked tokens. By locking extra tokens you can move up in tier.

4. To lock tokens you need to fill in the desired amount in the window above (3), and execute 2 transactions — approve tokens and lock tokens.

5. Possible to claim — unlocked not claimed presale tokens. These tokens are taken into account when determining your tier and make part of the total of the (1) Locked tokens. Once the tokens are claimed — Button (6) — they are subtracted from (1) Locked tokens and are not considered for tiers membership. After claiming tokens, they land on your wallet and become freely transferable. Claimed tokens can be locked again (3 + 4).

6. Button that allows you to claim all (5) Possible to claim tokens.

7. Tokens locked by user and, afterwards requested to unlock. After the unlock request, the tokens are still considered for tier membership. Tokens become freely transferable 1 month after the unlock request. This is a measure implemented to prevent free-rolling. Without the lock a user would be able to buy membership tokens, participate in a presale deal and sell the tokens immediately after participation.

8. Tokens locked by user (3+4), and not yet requested to unlock. . These tokens are taken into account when determining your tier (1).

9. The amount of tokens user wishes to unlock. The amount can not be higher than (8) Possible to unlock amount.

10. Unlock request button. Tokens become freely transferable 1 month after the unlock request.

11. 1 month after the (9 + 10) Token unlock request the tokens become withdrawable. These tokens are not considered for tier membership.

12. User can lock his (11) Available to withdraw tokens so that they are considered for tier membership again. After restaking tokens, they again appear in (8) and (1).

13. Withdraw all (11) Available to withdraw tokens to your wallet.

14. To join one of out Telegram tiers you need to connect your wallet and fill in your Telegram handle. Only 1 handle can be linked to a wallet. If you fill in your handle incorrectly, you will not be able to join a tier and will need to contact administrators to correct the error.

15. Register your Telegram handle for tier membership. After the registration you will need to proceed to the bot to get a group link.


- If you have requested token unlock (9 + 10) and, afterwards decided to lock extra tokens (3 + 4) the unlock request will be canceled.

- If your unlock request wait time (1 month) has come to an end and tokens are (11) Available to withdraw, you need to withdraw them before locking (3 + 4) extra tokens.

- Token unlock (9 + 10) allows to unlock tokens in several transactions. The SC is designed the way that in case there have been multiple unlock requests, all the tokens will be unlocked simultaneously.

Ex. Unlock of 50 tokens is requested on day 0 (unlock on day 30), on day 15 user requests to unlock another 10 tokens. At the end 60 tokens will be unlocked on day 32.5 [15 + (50*15 + 10*30)/60=15+17.5=32.5].




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