How to join our community.

In order to join a group you need the following amount of tokens:

Tier 1–1 000 000 BULK

Tier 2–500 000 BULK

Tier 3–100 000 BULK

Tier 4–10 000 BULK

On our site click on a button corresponding to a Tier you would like to join.

You will be redirected to a page where you will receive a request to open the Collab.Land bot in Telegram. Click “Open”.

If the option “Always allow Telegrams to open links” is already selected in your browser settings, then this window will not be displayed and you will automatically go to Telegram.

— — — — -

* If you use several Telegram clients at the same time, the link may not open. In this case, copy the link from the browser, paste it into Telegram in the saved messages (or send it in any other chat) and click on it.

— — — — —

Collab.Land bot will open in Telegram. Click “Start”.

Button “Connect” will appear.

Follow the link:

The next window will open in browser:

Choose Metamask. Note that in Metamask you should open the wallet containing BULK tokens.

Metamask will ask for Signature, click sign.

After signing, the Collab.Land bot will send you the invite to the chat:

Welcome to the group!