Follow the link to our Lock Platform .

Connect your Metamask wallet.

Under (1) Locked Tokens you will see the number of tokens locked on our platform.

To join a group you need the following amount of tokens:

Tier 1–1 000 000 BULK

Tier 2–500 000 BULK

Tier 3–100…

The lock platform has the following functions:

  • Automation of the use of tokens for participation in Telegram tiers
  • Distribution of the pre-sale tokens through a smart contract
  • Combining locked presale tokens with tokens from the secondary market to enter the tiers
  • Anti-dump by locking tokens from the secondary market


Bulk AMA with Stone DeFi

Hello guys, today we would like to welcome Vincent Khoo — Stone DeFi Marketing Lead.

Hi Vincent! It’s great you have joined us, we are looking forward to the talk.

Hello Everyone.

Could you tell us about yourself and give us your team’s introduction? …

Yury | Bulk

Hello everyone, we are happy to host the AMA with TribeOne today!

TribeOne is The First AI Powered NFT and DeFi funding Platform!

TribeOne’s vision is to build products that contribute to the DeFi ecosystem to attract the masses from the traditional finance space to maximize returns…

We are happy to announce that Bulk is being backed by Tenzor Capital.

Tenzor Capital was founded in 2015 as a venture capital fund. Blockchain technology became their main focus in mid-2017. Tenzor Capital provides strategic investment for projects that enrich the blockchain ecosystem.

Among other notable investments by Tenzor Capital are Crust Network, Unilend, Ankr, Yop, Kylin, Subquery, HydraDX, and many more.


Dear community,

We are happy to announce that Bulk IDO will be held in cooperation with A2DAO on the A2Jump platform!

A2 and Bulk have been active in the same field for the previous 4 years supporting (oftentimes the same) blockchain startups, fundraising, and bridging the gap between projects and their target audience.

Bulk holding an IDO on A2DAO is the next logical step in our parallel working that has been becoming more and more interwoven and has resulted in cooperation.

The same way as before, when we were connecting startup founders and communities, we are now bringing together A2DAO and Bulk members!







IDO will be a part of our public sale. As stated previously, the major part of the allocation will be distributed among our community through the lottery.

Crypto Bulk

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